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I operate as an investor, strategist, and entrepreneur with the mission to create enduring positive change.

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Problem Solver

Delivering tangible results and impact is what makes me tick. I meticulously assess situations without bias, providing objective insights. This allows me to confront challenges with a fresh and open mindset, leading to enhanced problem-solving and more informed decision-making.

Persuasive Leader

I'm passionate about inspiring and motivating team members to align with their vision, plans, and solutions. Adaptive leaders excel not only as problem solvers but also as problem definers and solution encouragers.

Logical Visioner

From designing a sectorial innovation strategy driving GDP growth and attracting FDI for the UAE to hands-on restructuring and transformation of SMEs – My approach blends analytical thinking with forward-looking insights to drive results.



Competition for Talent

Executed HR Excellence program for a boutique consultancy, including E2E streamlining and optimization of the recruiting process, defining target talent DNA profiles, developing interview guides & assessment grids, implementing a digital assessment center, designing employee training curriculum, and overseeing interviewer supervision & shadowing.

Future of Mobility

Designed product strategy with customer segmentation for last mile delivery and urban transportation pedal-assisted E-vehicles OEM. Enhanced product-market fit through cost clinic and segment prioritization.

Business Model Innovation

Created an asset-light business model for a Proptech in response to challenges facing their core business (e.g., interest rate spikes). Secured €15m equity funding and €500m in debt for develop-to-green strategy.

Sales Growth

Performed 360° sales health check for B2B mobility OEM, re-designed sales strategy, created a sales playbook, built sales prediction engine, provided sales coaching (e.g., cold calling), and facilitated daily sales drumbeat resulting in 2X sales growth.

M&A Advisory

Led sell-side Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) for a City Logistics player in a transaction with a strategic investor, creating a European category leader. Developed equity story, quantified synergy potential (>10m), prepared post-merger integration, and designed target operating model for the new combined entity.


Crafted D2C strategy alongside agency distribution model transformation for iconic consumer goods OEM. Quantified opportunity at stake (top- and bottom-line) and restructuring costs. Performed dealer review with gap analysis and developed transformation roadmap.

Health Economics & IVD Trends

Delivered a keynote speech at the GCC partners meeting of a medical device OEM on "Unlocking Potential: Current State and Next Generation of In Vitro Diagnostics." Conducted country-level economic analysis, researched regulatory trends, and offered insights into digital and analytics use cases, as well as value-based care.

My Services

I help to frame issues clearly, facilitate the right conversations, and convert insights into pragmatic yet holistic business solutions.

I do this across four key areas.

  • Corporate strategy, business unit reviews, portfolio strategy, growth- and digital strategy.
  • Economic analysis, policy advice, and international economics.
  • Commercial due diligence.
  • Go-to-Market optimization, sales funnel management, and commercial excellence.
  • Business model innovation & (corporate)-entrepreneurship.
  • Digital business building.
  • Workshop facilitation and change management
  • Training of consulting & leadership skills: project management, problem solving, crafting storylines, building high performing teams, leadership, leading courageous conversations, negotiations.
  • Operational assistance for Finance organizations- people, tools, processes.
  • Define and implement dashboards, management KPIs, reporting deck.
  • From full-scope “end-2-end” project execution (buy or sell) to modular advice.




Impact focused investments addressing global challenges such as climate change. Focus on Article 9 SFDR and ESG principles.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Merging travel, ownership & nature into a new way of experiencing vacations. Developing net-zero designer homes for year-round adventures or focused work.



Innovation poised to disrupt traditional industries through cutting-edge advancements.
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